About Best Referrals

Best Referrals is the ultimate business directory showcasing professionals in their industry who have proven they provide above and beyond business services.

At Best Referrals our advertisers know the importance of building their businesses on referrals and repeat customers so you can expect top level customer service. These businesses want to leave you with great results to ensure that you will come back if you ever need their service again, or recommend them to anyone you know who is need of their business service.

We work with Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Doctors, Photographers, Wedding & Event Planners and many more industries.

Best Referrals is currently a Canadian and U.S.A. Business Directory showcasing top local businesses within their community.

How Does Best Referrals Work?

We showcase the top 5 businesses in their industry and these businesses will be stamped with the Best Referrals logo under their business listing. Each year the business that receives the most positive reviews in their industry will be granted with the Best Referrals award and will be ranked number one in their category. We also have a three strike policy. This means any business that receives 3 negative reviews will be removed from the top 5 and dropped down to a basic listing. The basic listings are listings listed below the top 5 and there is no link to website or email with the basic listings. For the Best Referrals top 5 listings, negative reviews may be verified between the customer and the business to verify that there was business conducted between the business and the customer.


Customers can register with Best Referrals and write reviews for business which they have used. Customers will have the ability to edit or delete any review they post. If any business wishes to remove their listing at any time their company information will be removed but their reviews will remain listed on Best Referrals. Only a customer can edit or delete their review or Best Referrals has the right to remove any review if we believe the review is false or inappropriate.

If you are a top performer in your industry located in a Canadian or an American city and wish to advertise in Best Referrals business network, please submit your company information to us and one of our representatives will contact you to find out more about your business and the services you provide.