Dumpster Rental Case Study

Done June 7, 2016

There are over 600,000 searches done annually on Google for people looking for a dumpster rental service with the month of April usually topping the way with the majority of searches.

I think we can all guess why April is usually the busiest month. After the long winter months people want to do spring cleaning and home improvements so this is usually the time consumers want to call on a dumpster rental service.

Of course the number of searches will be extremely higher as the keyword dumpster rental in just one of the keywords someone might type to look for a dumpster rental service.

Some other related keywords that are highly searched:

Bin Rental:

Roll Off Dumpster:

Junk Removal:

Did you know that more people look for a dumpster to rent over looking for a junk removal company? This number has changed over the years as more people become aware that they don't have to hire junk removal company and they can rent a dumpster and fill the dumpster themselves.

In some cases hiring a junk removal company may be the best solution for you. If you’re not able to fill a dumpster yourself and don't have any help or time to do then a junk removal company is probably the better way to go. It might cost you a bit more money in some cases but when you have to get rid of that junk, it just has to go.

Why did you choose the dumpster rental company you chose?

In survey we conducted over the past year here are some factors that consumers considered when choosing a dumpster rental company.

First Time Dumpster Rental Customers:

1. Dumpster Rental Price- 65% (Dumpster Rental Pricing is the number one factor for most people renting a dumpster for the first time)

2. Customer Service- 30% (The initial phone call from a customer looking to rent a dumpster is very important. Customers trusted business more that answered their phones and were able to answer questions about their dumpster rental service.

3. Look of the Dumpster- 5% (Very small percentage of people cared about the look of the dumpster over dumpster rental pricing and customer service.)

2nd Time or Repeat Dumpster Rental Customers:

1. Customer Service- 70% (For repeat dumpster rental customers we found customer service was the number one reason they either went back to a company they used or looked for a new dumpster rental company.)

2. Dumpster Rental Price- 20% (Price was less of a factor for repeat dumpster rental customers)

3. Look of the Dumpster- 10% (This went up as we found that after renting a dumpster some people did not like the old looking rusty dumpsters sitting in front of their homes or business.)

We hope this survey can help dumpster rental companies understand their customers better when it comes to providing their dumpster rental service. We also hope it helps consumers make more educated decisions when it comes to looking for a dumpster rental. If you are looking for a dumpster rental company, below is a list of popular cities where you can find a dumpster rental company which is referred by www.bestreferrals.com